Dec 07, 2016

Five Proven Ways To Prevent Your Computer From Getting Damage

To most people your computer is the most valuable thing you have, because thousands of important things a filled-up with it. There are thousands of ways to protect your computer, but the main point is that have you checked them out yet? Don’t tell me that your computer just broke down and you need a repair for it! Hell…no, I think you need to visit an Engineer because I don’t think this article can help you out. Visit Gather at for more information

You don’t need to get a damage PC before looking for a solution Online.

Actually I am here with some points that will help you prevent your computer from getting damage and not repairing your already damaged computer for you.

Below will I be stating some tested and measured ways of preventing your computer from getting damaged and saving you some cash.

1.) Get A Better Anti-Virus/Anti-Malware Software

What kind of Anti-virus software do you use? Placing a cool Anti-virus software on your computer makes its functionproperly. You visit a lot of infected websites online and download lot of infected files also, all this will harm your computer and will make its performance look poor, but while your anti-virus is enabled on your computer, your solution is solved, because those viruses are already dead before penetrating into your PC.

Actually there are lots of Anti-virus Software’s but I personally use Avast. Make sure regular scan is been made for better security purpose.

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2.) Where Do You Keep Your Computer?

That question sounds great. Where you place or keep your laptop really matters.

Don’t let people toy with it, because it’s an instrument you need to maintain with care. “Hey Dude That’s my PC don’t touch it” That sounds great, the computer belongs to you and it’s supposed to me maintained by you as well, That doesn’t mean you can’t lend your friend your computer but you’ve to know what he/she wants to use it for.

Have you ever consider the fact that no one can protect your computer the way you do? So leaving it around is really dangerous.

3.) Defragment Your Hard Disk and Check For Errors

Has your Hard Disk ever crashed? Crash hard-disk’s can harm your computer and makes it useless, aside harming your computer/ making it useless, you can also loss all of your files if they aren’t backed up. So you need a good hard disk and always make sure that it is in a good condition.

Defragmenting a computer is one of the best ways to make a computer last longer and make it work faster than you’ve ever thought of. Also always check your hard-disk for errors and if found any make sure you detect them.

4.) Minimize The Way You Use Your CD

Actually it’s not that you are not to use a CD on your computer, but you have to minimize it because the often you insert and eject a CD from your computer is the more the lens gets weak. Also using the CD of your computer too often makes you computer hang-up/slow down. You are not to slam/shut your CD forcefully.

NOTE: Using your CD drive to watch films is really dangerous, you can copy the movie you want to watch from the original CD and move them to your hard drive and then watch it at your leisure time.

5.) Shut Down Your Computer

Don’t be too optimistic, With the rate computer usage grows, also the rate its damage grows. Many people opt to leave there computer on and get ready for work whenever they are ready, which is not proper. I have a friend that keeps his PC on for more than a week without rebooting it, and at the end of the week he starts telling me that his computer has a bad performance.

NOTE: Whenever you are done with your computer don’t Hibernate it, instead Shut is Down.

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